A Tool How to map your screw

Issuing time:2019-11-16 15:58

1. The screw is the heart of the extruder. If the screw structure is mastered, the effect will be more than 50%

2. If the screw structure is good, it can effectively plasticize, improve the output and the quality, reduce the cost of chemical materials, save energy consumption, etc

3.But in fact, the screw structure of most of our customers is not ideal, and we can only reluctantly produce by adjusting the formula

4.Screw is a very complex structure, now hypet provides you with a simple tool to measure screw

5.Even if you have no experience, you can measure step by step according to the tools we provide

6.If we can map the screw, we can help you improve the screw, improve the screw's function, and change the screw easily

7.With the correct screw, you can easily master your factory production


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