HYPET Talking: Relationship between Extruder and Extrusion Line  (Simplified edition)

Issuing time:2019-11-11 18:35

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1. The most important part of an extrusion line is the extruder

2. Even if the auxiliary machine is made well, if the extruder is not good, the production line is not good

3. Because almost all key functions are performed by extruder, such as plasticization, output, stability, energy saving, efficiency, etc

4. Even if the extruder in same size, it may produce different product quality, different output and energy consumption is also different.

5. It is better to buy a good extruder than an advanced downstrem line

6. It's better to buy a good extruder, even with the local made down stream it may be more wiser

7. At K show 2019, what famous German companies showed are extruders, and success of R & D in extruders

8. When you don't have much money, what is your wise choice ?

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