Relationship between Extruder and Extrusion Line

Issuing time:2019-11-11 18:22

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What is the most important part of a PVC extrusion line?   The Extruder.

Even if the extrusion down stream can be done well, if the extruder is not good, this production line is not good

Because almost all the key functions are done by extruder, such as plasticizing, output, stability, energy saving, efficiency and so on.

The main function of the die head and die moulds is the compression ratio and smooth curve of the flow channel of the melt cavity. If the requirements are met, there will be no problem and no room for adjustment.

It often happens that the same head and the same raw material are replaced by an extruder, and the product is not well done

The same size of extruder, the same motor power, but the output is not the same, so the same production line efficiency is not the same.

Therefore, the extruder plays an important role in the extrusion production line. If the funds are not enough, it is better to buy a good extruder than a good production line.

It's not hard for you to see that the high-level extruder companies all over the world have done a lot of research and development experiments on the extruder. For example, the famous companies in Germany show the first-class extruder, but the matching extruder auxiliary machines are from Italy or other countries

Back to the actual production, we can also see that many small enterprises buy good extruders and heads for the reason of capital, and then match with cheap auxiliary machines, even local auxiliary machines, and can also produce high-quality products efficiently Capital allocation achieves the best effect..

In terms of importance, in a production line, the extruder accounts for more than 50%, the head or extrusion die accounts for 30%, and the auxiliary machine accounts for 20%

When you don't have a lot of money, it's recommended that your production line adopt the best configuration

This is the most intelligent!

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