HYPET talking: Do you know the huge effect and risk of the gasket behind the screw

Issuing time:2019-11-11 17:50


In fact, many users don't notice that there is a small gasket behind the screw. It can help you play a huge role. If it's not used well, there will be a great risk.

Because the twin screw is operated by the engagement of the two screw ribs, the gap between them must be adjusted before use, so that the gap between the two screw ribs during the operation of the screw is balanced and the pressure is not biased.

At the same time, the gasket can also adjust the screw radial clearance, so adjusting the screw gasket size will bring great effect and risk.

1. If you feel that the screw plasticization is not good enough, and you do not want to increase the cost to adjust the formula, you only need to reduce the screw gasket and the gap, which can achieve a very obvious plasticization effect. No need to add processing aids, etc.

2. If the screw has been worn for a long time, the plasticizing effect of the old screw can be improved by adjusting the gap between the screw gasket

3. Different products need different gap adjustment, which can be adjusted to be larger or smaller to meet the needs of product processing.

4. Different screw use stages also need different clearances. Similar to the initial stage of new car use, the clearance of screw also needs to be adjusted after one stage of use.

5. If the gap adjustment is not good, not only can't make good products, but also can cause screw fracture if you don't pay attention to it, which should be avoided.

Please pay attention to adjust the screw clearance of the extruder to make it play a huge role.

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