HYPET talking:  Future trend of plastics in K show of 2019

Issuing time:2019-11-09 17:04

K show.jpgEach three year K show has come and shown the latest technology, equipment and raw materials in the world.

It's not difficult to see the new materials, new technology and new equipment by studying these development trends, but the most fundamental thing is that people's ideas and thinking methods have been changed, resulting in unexpected results.

In today's era, when carrying out effective scientific research and goal design, we should not only adopt logical thinking, but also consciously train our own new thinking mode

l Innovative thinking,    using unconventional or even unconventional methods to think about problems and get unique results

l Converse thinking      pushes back from the conclusion, and thinks backward.

l Side direction thinking,      when we can't get the effect from the front, we can think and solve the problem through the side phenomenon

l   Hybridization thinking.   The advantages of two or more different things are concentrated on one carrier to get new results

l Analogical thinking     the analysis and comparison between two special things, easy to get new inspiration and results

l Divergent thinking      divergent thinking presents a way of multiple solutions to one problem, multiple writing of one thing and multiple uses of one thing

l   Convergent thinking   To gather ideas into a focus, a way of thinking with direction, scope, and order

l Systematic thinking     based on the whole, from the interaction process of the whole and the part, the whole and the environment to understand and grasp the whole


Based on the above thinking method, we can understand the development rule of the plastic industry. During exhibition,   Some plastic future car models are collected for reference.

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