About Screws Design

Issuing time:2019-11-09 16:41

     Extruder is the core of processing plastic products, and the screw is the heart of extruder. The heart determines the quality of the body.The screw's quality directly determines the quality and cost of your processing.   At present, more than 60% of the screw is unreasonable. In fact, as long as the screw structure is slightly adjusted, the above problems will be solved.

    The structure of screw usually consists of two parts, one is from the feeding port to the exhaust, the other is from the exhaust to the extrusion end, with different Designed structure , thus forming screw with different functions, such as low calcium, high calcium, soft pipe,hard pipe, profile, granulation, CPVC, transparent PVC, etc.

    In the process on the final result of good and bad, screw accounts for 55%, formula 35% operation technology accounts only for 10%.

    HYPET has accumulated a variety of experiences over the past 30 years, which can help you to achieve the best condition.

1. We can design special screw for you according to your material and product requirements. If it can't meet your request, you can get a refund.

2. You can copy your existing screw and use it on other extruders.   Free cost

3. High filler product screw can be designed             Designing free

4. High speed and high output screw can be designed.    Designing free


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