Meltblown Fabric Production line
Big chance for the world
      Why we need meltbrown fabric?
     The virus is the world enemy. Now the eneny is threating human beings on earth. The best way to avoid the virus and protect ourselves way is cutting off its spread way. So we need wear mask. The meltbrown fabric is the important material to make a good mask. It can efficiently stop the virus into our body.
      Is it profitable?
      To make a mask may be a difficult job for you. It need so machine certificate, dustless workshop request, different tests...., but meltbronw fabric not. Only the machine is good enough to make sure your meltbrown fabrice BFE reach 95+.
      In China, PP material cost is 5000USD/ ton, but meltbrown fabric selling price is higher nearly 57000USD/ton. HY-PRB600 max output is 400kg/day; HY-PRB1600 max output is 2000kg/day. Then you can figure out how profitable it it!
      Why choose Shenzhen  HYPET meltbrown fabric machine?
      1. Shenzhen HYPET owns more than 30years experience in extrusion field.
      2. Our factory is in Wuhan, the virus war centre in China. And we overcame the virus and restart again. So do you in the furtune.
      3. Quality, technology and output is better than others, like in HY-PRB1600, normal us 90screw, but we use 105 screw.
      4. Two options for your choice. Small machine, less investment, fast profit. Big machine, more output more profit.

HY600 meltblown fabric machine running video
HY1600 Meltblown fabric machine running video
Details quotation sheet download
HY1600 Melt-blown Non-woven Fabric Making Machine -2.pdf
HY600 Melt-blown Non-woven Fabric Making Machine-1.pdf
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