Are you tired of traditional building materials? No profit, no advantage.

Then you change to the WPC material project. Now we want to show our wpc configuration file factory turnkey project for your reference.

First, investment analysis

Number Description Quantity Total USD

1 set of HYSJ75-240 WPC profile production line 34500

2 HYSC30 strong crusher recycles 1 set of 8800

3 color mixer for color 200L, for option 1 setting 2500

4 different shapes of mold 4 sets 13200

5 WPC raw material pellets 10 tons 11000

The total amount is EXW $70000

Second, cost and profit analysis

10 tons of material can be made into 15,000 meters of 159x9mm plates.

The price is $2.3/m. Total sales are $34,500.

The cost of 10 tons of materials is $11,000.

Labor/factory rent/water/electricity...cost is about $0.6/m. The total cost is $9,000.

Therefore, the gross profit is 34500-11000-9000 = 14500USD.

Third, the machine investment recovery time

The machine output is approximately 50kg / h. Therefore, 10 tons of material can be operated for about 10 days in 20 hours.

So one month (26 days work) can run 26ton material.

14500/10 x 26 = $37,700. The machine investment is $59,000.

59000/37700 = 1.6 months.

This means that if you don't need to worry about marketing, you can repay your investment in less than 2 months. If some markets are not good, ten months will suffice.

IV.Plant condition request.

Project requirements project requirements

Plant area of 600 square meters (at least 1 meter 18 meters) power 100KW

Labor 8 people two shifts of water 1 spring water

Air 1.0cbm air press

Why is HYPET WPC better than others?

Making a WPC machine is easy. It is not easy to make a WPC product. It is difficult to create cheaper costs with better quality. Other extruder plants do not have this experience in the final production of wpc, but Shenzhen HYPET can do it. We have our own WPC factory and have been supplying the domestic market for more than 6 years. We have extensive experience in quality and cost control. That's why the HYPET WPC machine is better than the others. If you want to invest in the WPC field. Believe in HYPET, you will be fine in the future.