Wood plastic hollow door / wood plastic whole door / PVC wood plastic composite door production equipment / extrusion production line including: mill, mixer, crusher, wood plastic hollow board extrusion production line.

All equipment from the grinding, mixing to the extruder is the international leading level, the degree of automation is very high, the automation of wood-plastic machinery, automation is beyond doubt.

Among them, the mixing equipment has the characteristics of precise mixing, uniform efficiency, high operation convenience and the like.

Fundamentally guarantee the stability of the product. The production of wood-plastic foam door/wood-plastic foaming hollow door has high requirements on the foaming extrusion production line. Here we use a high-torque foaming special twin-screw extruder and the thread pitch of the screw barrel. Such changes are made in order to apply the inner and outer crusts of the wood-plastic products and the uniform foaming of the products to avoid the occurrence of carbonization of the wood powder and surface blistering.

What are the advantages of wood-plastic doors?

1. The raw materials of the wood-plastic whole door are uniformly mixed according to a certain proportion,

which effectively guarantees the product quality of the wood-plastic door.

2. Wood-plastic hollow door is suitable for durability, long service life, and the appearance of wood grain is beautiful,

and it has higher hardness and rigidity than hard plastic products. It is stable and reliable than the shrinkage size of wood. No crack warp and twill will occur.

The wood-plastic sheet itself has secondary workability and can be drilled with a saw or a nail.

3. The wood-plastic whole door has good flame retardancy. It will not support combustion when exposed to open flames, and will be automatically extinguished

after the fire source. After testing, the wood-plastic package has a doorTherefore, the fire safety factor of the residential and commercial

residences has been greatly improved.

4. Diversified surface treatment, thermal transfer, hot lamination or baking varnish, can also be customized according to customer needs. Inkjet printing or printing can make a colorful appearance, and it has good stability and long life.

5.PVC wood plastic composite door

The special structural design with reasonable structure and high strength ensures the most ideal internal structure of wood-plastic foaming material. Plus good process and formulation to ensure the strength of the product. The installation of wood-plastic doors is particularly convenient, saving time and effort, and being rigorous and beautiful.

6. The wood-plastic whole door is equipped with wood-plastic side panels and wood-plastic door edge lines. The whole door looks seamless and beautiful. The full set of wood-plastic products is more in line with the current concept of safety and environmental protection building materials.

7. PVC wood-plastic whole door and wood-plastic door cover can be recycled. After a certain period of time,

the powder can be pulverized into other PVC wood-plastic composite materials.

It is a good project that the country is now highly esteemed.

Benefit the country and benefit the people.


Investment in PVC wood-plastic composite door / wood-plastic door machinery / extrusion production line needs to have the conditions: need independent transformer 200-315KW, circulating water,

about 1000 square meters of the plant. Need 8-12 workers to operate.